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How to reorganise, restructure and/or revitalise your business ?

Through a Business Analyst!

The three levels of Business Analysis demostrate how businesses or oganisations work effectively.

The idea of strategic technical analysis, tactical and operation, is the recognition that business analysis is not only one side of the problems and adversities.

Look at other businesses, most require some level of strategic analysis, which implies knowing the answers to the following questions:

– What should we do?

– What projects should we do?

– What changes do we need to implement?

The level of tactical analysis consist of

– Collect informative results of strategic analysis, where you will have a definite project or initiative, find out what are the methods necessary for it to function well as a whole

The operational part is done by all members of the business at different points in time.

– The daily application and identification of the problems requiring resolution

– Identification of changes needed in real time and

– Application of these changes

is what fits in this category of operational analysis

Having the vision to join the entire gear (depending on the methodology applied) are the working skeleton of the Business Analyst.


Change the form of procedures, and existing fixed cost contracts; differentiated action towards clients, suppliers and financial entities;

Know how

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Administrative Administrative Legal
Documentary Accounting Finance
Contracts Talent Management Accounting


Leverage to a new image and brand in the reconquest of traditional market or new potentials; recreating the Key Idea-based company, modernized, effective and incisive; the Know-Know of the company with its history, learning and knowledge of its market.

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Image Image / Brand Brand
Brand Product / Service Market
Marketing International Commercial


Reduction of the essential weight of the business. Remodeling its way of behaving in the markets, in order to reach new objectives and new strategic capacities. Renewal of the way of being for a new way of doing  VS billing.

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Contratual Image Bank
Contributors Bureaucracy Formative
Image Talent Management Clients